Professors and Authors use Scholar's Publisher for your e-rextbooks

Our Mission is to Transform Education.

Knowledge and education empower, but the price of books is part of a system that continues to divide and marginalize people. The average post-secondary student in North America pays $700+ for books each year! As an e-textbook publisher, publishing digital textbooks and books online provides a platform to offer the highest quality academic books at 80% or more below the cost of traditional textbooks and affordable access to knowledge (AA2K). Digital publishing means we can democratize knowledge and Stop the Madness!

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  • 25%+ Royalty—that is equivalent to 10%+ for traditional books and there is no secondary market.
  • Create Innovative Publications—what kind of academic "book" and educational material will facilitate learning and the exchange of knowledge?
  • Fast Publication—the process from initial submission of your online textbook or academic book formatted according to our guidelines that meets our academic standards is normally less than three months.

Some of our features for professors and authors include:

  • Peer-reviewed books—we employ a "double-blind" process and will maintain the highest quality books online regardless of the intended audience.
  • Free examination copies in teaching areas—you must first register and be verified as a professor to add it to your library and read the digital e-textbook online for free.
  • Class Discussion Forums—you can create a discussion forum (or "pub") for your class. Send out notices, assignments, discuss and connect with your students.
  • Teacher Aids—we will add more and more aids, links, etc.

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