Affordable access to knowledge (AA2K) for Students!

Are you tired of an educational system that demands you pay more and more for books that you will never use again and you can't unload because the publisher just released a new edition? Why should the primary educational material in a class continue to be in the form of a traditional book that you have to lug around and falls apart from any amount of use? The aim of Scholar's Publisher Inc. is to revolutionize learning and provide affordable access to knowledge (AA2K). As an e-textbook publisher, we have the same high quality content; and the additional advantages of educational materials that are environmentally friendly and able to utilize the power of the internet.

  • Student discounts for digital e-textbooks—receive an additional 40% or more off our value offer to rent and access the textbook online for 150 days.
  • Discussion Forums—engage in class discussion forum (or "pubs") created for the class, a book, or create your own to discuss subjects online.

E-textbooks offer:

  • Better reading/learning experience—read your digital textbooks online.
  • Annotate and search books—view and/or print your personal notes.
  • Always the most recent edition—no more getting stuck with an expensive book.
  • Option to upgrade from student discount to regular value if you decide you want to keep the book.

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