Scholar's Publisher's Editorial Board and Authors-About Us

Our Mission is to Transform Education.

We believe that everyone should have affordable access to knowledge in the form of e-textbooks, research, educational videos, and any other digital learning resources that will educate and empower them to face the formidable challenges and opportunities in a global society.

The Vision of Scholars Publisher is to be the global portal for the exchange, production, and dissemination of knowledge. Scholar's Publisher Inc. will develop a global community of learners by encouraging scholarship and the pursuit of knowledge through innovative publishing opportunities for original, excellent material, and by providing value-added interactive features that nurture and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

We are a group of professors, authors, and editors who recognized there is an opportunity to utilize the digital medium for publishing etextbooks and other learning resources at far better value than traditional print books. As an e-textbook publisher we can focus on creating books in digital format, and by distributing and accessing them online, students, scholars, and learners of all ages can access peer-reviewed quality books at a far better value. We aim to add free resources in the future that will include textbooks, games, webinars, and resources that promote developing and sharing knowledge.

We will also support the pursuit of knowledge through donating a minimum of 5% of our profits for scholarships and research.

Currently, our editorial board consists of scholars from three disciplines. Are you an internationally known scholar in your discipline who has the same desire to create the highest quality books and put textbooks in the hands of students at a reasonable value? Please contact us about joining the board.

  • James K. Aitken, Ph.D. (Cambridge)
  • Robert Hayward, D.Phil. (Oxford)
  • Brij Mohan, Ph.D. (Lucknow Univ.)
  • Bernard Taylor, Ph.D. (Univ. of Cinncinnati)
  • Frank Palatnick, (Global Advisor for Education to UN) (Retired)
  • Cheryl A. Fury, Ph.D. (Univ. of New Brunswick)
  • Robert T. McLay, Ph.D. (Univ. of Durham)
  • Margaret Anne Smith, Ph.D. (Queen's University)
  • Loren T. Stuckenbruck, Ph.D. (Princeton Theological Seminary)

Some of the reasons for publishing with us and our defining features are listed below:

1. More and more students prefer to read academic resources online. The digital age is transforming the way we read and learn. With each passing year the number of students who both use and prefer to access academic resources online is growing. There is no doubt that some of the preferences have to do with convenience of online books—no more late night trips to the library, lugging heavy books, and the price. In a Survey of 10,000 students:

  • up to 75% don't buy their books because they are too expensive!
  • 60% preferred reading online!

2. Quality Books. Publishing e-textbooks online offers the same quality as legacy publishers. We expect and will only publish e-textbooks that are of the highest quality, which is why as a publisher we will employ an unbiased double-blind peer review of manuscript submissions for potential authors.

3. Affordable Access. We can publish books, particularly textbooks that provide affordable access to knowledge for everyone. Students everywhere will be grateful to access books at 80% or more below what they would have paid for a printed book. We also offer additional discounts to students to access textbooks.

4. Online Publication. Creating a book for online publication allows you to take advantage of computer technology and the internet in ways that are not possible in a printed book.

Imagine the possibilities.

  • Our books can be searched very easily, whereas traditional books may or may not have an index.
  • You can include all the color pictures and graphics you want.
  • You can embed links to other sites right in your book and provide the reader with all kinds of information.
  • You can easily make revisions to your book and it is immediately available for readers.

5. Service. We are committed to responding in a timely manner to potential authors who submit manuscripts for review. If you submit a manuscript to us and can provide it in camera ready form according to our guidelines, and it receives a positive review from our reviewers, you can expect that your book will be published within several months not years. Books that require editing will take additional time.

6. Royalties. Even though our books are an incredible value we pay a much higher royalty rate so that you receive approximately the same per book as you would receive from a print publisher. However, our student discount program and the access to a global marketplace mean you should have a far greater audience to interact with your ideas.

Submit your book using our submission form or send it to

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